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March 2020,

In this difficult time that we are going through, it is urgent to think about our attitudes, behaviors and collective conscience. It's time to think about the place and how we can help the places we visit. This help involves buying a place, in the case of the accommodations you book directly with the accommodation units. In addition, most of the time there are advantages in the price or in the offer of supplements to the stay.

Praia de Santos Guesthouse, Açores, offers on its website the possibility to complete the reservation directly with us. It is easy to book and pay. We provide payment by Credit Card, Paypal, MBway and bank transfer.

It will be a pleasure to welcome you to our Guesthouse.


Praia de Santos Guesthouse, Azores, aims to be the reference of proximity and hospitality in the context of Boutique House / Guesthouse of São Miguel Island.

We are a fitness friendly hotel Azores, dedicated to the wellbeing and active holidays of our guests that are looking for great facilities and programs.

We also provide great commodities and facilities for trail walkers Azores that are looking to explore São Miguel island. 


Praia de Santos - Exclusive Guesthouse, Azores, provides a stay of proximity with the guests who stay at our accommodation.

The development of our activity seeks to promote the local economy , whether by optimizing the number of direct reserves , or by using local products and valuing our partners.


At Praia de Santos Guesthouse, we serve our guests with dedication, respect, commitment and excellence.

All of our activity is developed with respect for our local values ​​and principles of sustainability , from respect for nature to the selection of our suppliers and partners.

We also are dedicated to those that come to look for their family history and ancestors. That why we also named our selves has an Ancestors hotel São Miguel Island.

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