Clean & Safe Seal, Covid-19

For the safety of our guests and Staff, Praia de Santos, Exclusive Guesthouse is embracing new procedures for our
re-opening following the indications of Turismo de Portugal.

Praia de Santos, Exclusive Guesthouse, is currently in the process of subscribing to the letter of honor where it undertakes to follow all recommendations applied to the lodging sector within the scope of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

For this reason, some services will be adapted to the new circumstance, trying not to lose our mission and values. All changes to our service as well as requests to our guests have the sole interest of protecting public health.

Check out our contingency plan (Internal Protocol) for the Covid-19 outbreak:

  • Masks and Visors: It will be mandatory for our employees to use a visor during check-in and use of a mask and visor in the breakfast and cleaning service. Our guests will be asked to check in with a mask. If not, they are available at our reception at a symbolic price.

  • Check-in :

  1. The employees of Praia de Santos, Exclusive Guesthouse will use a visor to check-in.

  2. Reception: The reception desk will show an approximation limit.

  3. Guest Data: To avoid exchange of documentation. Information about your Citizen Card number or passport, date of birth and nationality will be requested via digital before your check-in time, by email, message or chat.

  4. Baggage: At the entrance to the Guesthouse, bleach solution disinfectant and alcohol disinfectant will be available, as well as disposable papers to disinfect your luggage before it enters our unit.

  • Breakfast service:

  1. Occupation: The breakfast room will be limited to occupying 3 tables at a time;

  2. Table service: Breakfast is served at the table and the menu will be presented and chosen the day before, preferably digitally through a digital menu that will be sent to your e-mail.

  3. Personal protection: During the breakfast service, employees will use a mask and visor.

  4. Appointment: Breakfast served at the table is made by appointment the day before. If you have checked in the previous day, you will be informed so that you can book your preferred time at an extended time from 8:00 am to 11:00 am.

  5. Single-use material : Single- use towels, paper towels and napkins will be used.

  • Cleaning service:

  1. All bed linen and towels are replaced with each reservation.

  2. If your reservation exceeds 4 nights, the room cleaning service will be carried out every 4 days according to the legislation applied to our accommodation unit, unless requested by you.

  3. If your reservation exceeds 4 nights, bath towels are replaced every 4 days in accordance with the legislation applicable to our accommodation unit, unless requested by you.

  4. If your reservation exceeds 4 nights, the bed linen is replaced every 4 days according to the legislation applicable to our accommodation unit, unless requested by you.

  5. Handling and washing of bed linen and bath towels is carried out according to the recommendations indicated by the competent authorities.

  • Space:

  1. The use of the common bathroom located on the first floor will be prohibited to our guests. They must use the private bathroom in their room.

  2. Disinfection will be carried out in the common spaces, several times a day, of door handles, handrails and switches.

  3. In various areas of our space, hand sanitizing solution, paper cloth and trash can will be available.


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